When will I get my order from Verified Account?

Verified Account offers ready accounts for you. However, some of the accounts are created right after you place an order. Depending on the order – we shall take 24 hours to 7 days to complete your order.

Just as we said, sometimes there may be some problems with the verification process. Also, the different platforms come with a different verification process. Usually, it would take us 24 hours to complete your order. But even if there is any problem, we will take just 7 days to complete your order.

Anyway, before ordering your account – contact us for more information. We have supportive customer care service at our disposal. Hope your shopping with us gets better each time.

Will I get my Verification scan copy?

Yes, Verified Account will provide you the verification scan copy. We will mail you the scan copy with your order. You can easily use the scan copy later on and rest assured about the authenticity.

Depending on some of the accounts – you may have to purchase other verification documents separately.

How do you verify accounts?

Verified Account verifies all the accounts depending on the requirements of the platforms. Every respective platform has some verification requirements. And we always want you to get them verified.

When you place an order on our site – please do check the product description. This way, you can easily understand about the product and how we will help you with the verification.

Will you refund me if I face any problem with my account?

Well, we do offer you a 100% money-back guarantee. But if you find any stolen or unverified account from us – we will refund you the money. In the digital world – every payment system and crypto wallet faces a lot of difficulties from the platform. Verified Account can help you with suggestions in those times.

However, if you don’t know how to use any account – you should try to know about the platform. Otherwise, you will face difficulties using the account.

Verified Account has a versatile customer care support. We will always help you with the verification and other problems. However, if the platform or account has any problem for the users – we have nothing to do but help them with some simple process.

So, before ordering you better contact us and make sure your doubts are cleared as daylight.