What do we have with our Verified Accounts?

What do we have with our verified accounts?

So, it’s important to understand what you get with your account. Of course, you cannot expect to get an account without proper documents. Verified accounts always think about the satisfaction of our clients. Yes, even we understand this is important.

When we provide any legit account, we should be done with the drop-off. However, the user will always have to use the account. In the meantime, they will get to know how the accounts work. Sometimes people would change passwords, or verify their accounts for different tasks.

Thinking about all these, clients do want to understand what is our policy regarding the accounts. Any online account is somehow versatile for online existence. So, proper documentation can enhance the facility a lot.

So, what do we offer for your authority? You need to know what you will get from Verified Accounts. Without knowing so, purchasing any account should be a grave mistake. But we don’t want to create any blank space between our clients and us. And here are the things we will deliver you for the safety and authority of the verified account:

Date of Birth

A lot of cash accounts need a proper date of birth. Of course, that does include a NID copy or birth certificates. Anyway, even if you don’t need such things, we will deliver any verified date of birth that will give you a huge upper hand.

Photo ID

Yes, online security is getting more and more strict. Day by day, people have to show a lot of documents for their safety of the different accounts. However, if you are from a different region, providing legit documents can be hard. A lot of the time, a photo ID can help you secure verification on your own.

And we don’t want you to get any blank space while growing any business. Verified Accounts will provide you legit and verified photo ID. No need to worry about facing issues later on with your account.

Email and Account Access

Giving you Email and account access is our topmost priority. Yes, account access is important. However, Email access is much more important. Any Email account can help you with managing accounts easily. Yes, there are a lot of problems regarding verifying the accounts or changing passwords.

You may face problems while changing the password or redeeming the account back from any bad actors. And verified accounts will provide you email and account access. Also, we will help you with managing and redeem accounts whenever there is any problem.

Other Documents

For further security, we will provide you with NID and bank account copy. Don’t worry, we will provide legit and authentic documents. Yes, you will get an online copy and even a document copy from us. Both NID copy and bank account documents will help you with the authority.

Yes, there is a slight tension about losing the authority of your account. Maybe the problem will come for a very awkward reason like not having any documents to prove the authority. Well, we are always there for you to get the authority and the proof.

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